March 28, 2011

Vulli ~ Sophie the Giraffe speaking garden

RM70 each
RM 60 each for 2 or more

(Item Code : VS01) 

1. A detachable bird. A beautiful melody is played when its body is squeezed.
2. A ladybird with a pretty bell sound which can be taken out ok compartment.
3. A flower whose heart opens so that the bird or ladybird can climb in.
4. Leaves with a pretty “rustling paper” sound
5. A mirror so that baby can learn about his reflection.
6. A snail with a rattle which can be detached and shaken.
7. A sun which can be pressed to activate the voice recorder.


8. A radish which can be taken out of its compartment.
9. A carrot which can be taken out of its compartment which plays a beautiful melody when squeezed.

10. A butterfly whose wings can be moved.
11. A bee which can be taken out of the flower and which plays a funny sound when shaken.
12. A hedgehog which vibrates when it is pulled.
13. Leaves which can be moved and which play a pretty “rustling paper” sound.
14. A compartment for storing and transporting baby’s belongings.