March 27, 2011

Disney ~ Mickey Ice- Cream Maker

RM75 each
RM 65 each for 2 or more

Materials : Plastic metal
Contents :
1 Ice-machine
4 cups
5 scoops

Suitable for age 3 and above


1. Open the aluminum cylinder, fill the ice in it, then fill 1 cup of salt into it, after that, put 1 cup of hot water into it.
2. Set up the aluminum cylinder, then install the shovel and cover.
3. Put sour milk (or the milk which is made of ice-cream milk powder) in the surface of the aluminum cylinder
4. Meanwhile, hand shake 5-10 minutes by clockwise, then wait for few minutes.
5. Shovel and cover put on the cylinder, hand shake by counterclock-wise. Scraped the ice-cream and keep the ice-cream by cups
6. Base on your favor, you can drop some of chocolate, candy on the ice-cream, colorful and delicious ice-cream is well done.

Important Information:

* Adult supervision is strongly recommended
* Read the instructions before use.
* Please retain this information for future reference.
* Colors, designs and decoration may vary from those illustrated.
* Please keep the tools clear after playing.
* This product is not included ice-cream powder and sour milk.